Rain Barrels for sale till June 1

Start date: Monday April 22, 2019

Stop Date: Saturday June 1, 2019

Earth Day, 2019 is Monday April 22. It is an important day and every  day after, to take time out to consider the impact that we all have on our

global and local  environment. Support the Sackville Rivers Association in celebration of Earth Day 2019 and each day by buying a rain barrel.

                               Using a rain barrel is a simple and effective way to conserve water and reduce runoff.  A rain barrel is used to catch water flowing from yourhome roof gutters.  

Collecting rainwater reduces the amount of stormwater runoff and soil erosion and in addition stores the water for future use. 

Simply place the barrel near a roof downspout outlet.  The  barrel is then connected to the downspout. A barrel collects about 200

litres of  rainwater. Visualize over fifty 4 litre milk jugs! Collecting and  using the rainwater at a later time provides free oxygenated, un-

chlorinated water  that is ideal for plants, lawns and car washing. Stored  rainwater will reduce your cost for metered water in the summer when

demand is the highest. In addition, using the stored rainwater at a later  time allows more water to slowly soak into the ground, thus replenishing

groundwater.  Beginning on Earth Day, Monday April 22 and continuing until

Saturday June 1 log on to  web page  https://rainbarrel.ca/sackvillerivers/product-category/rain-barrels/

to purchase a barrel[s].  Each barrel purchased for $55.00 provides $10.00 for the ongoing work of  the Sackville Rivers Association. The

barrels will be ready for pickup on Saturday June 8, 2019 from 10AM to 2PM in the parking lot of the Sackville Lions Club at 101 Old

Beaverbank Road, Lower Sackville.


MIC  HINDLET AT 902-225-8011


DON AMBLER AT 902-452-6164