Cobequid Salmon Association

Cobequid Salmon Association

The CSA was originally formed as an angling club, but since the closure of the Bay rivers to all salmon angling in 1991 and the decline in numbers of  anadromous fish species, the emphasis of the group  has now shifted toward the enhancement of rearing and spawning habitat and the improvement of water quality.

The CSA has an active board of directors and membership that include not only anglers, but also farmers, local business owners, government officials, and educators.  The Association is respected by the local community and has well established fund raising and outreach capabilities through such events as dinners, auctions, information booths at area exhibitions and ticket raffles. Over the last 10 years, the CSA working closely with DFO, Environment Canada, NSSA, and various funding agencies, has completed extensive habitat restoration projects on tributaries of the Great Village River, Debert River, Salmon River and the Stewiacke River.  During these projects, very effective relationships have developed with area businesses, including the construction, agriculture and forestry industries and with local educational facilities. i.e: the elementary schools involved in our Fish Friends program,  the Agricultural Campus of Dalhousie University and St. Mary’s University’s CURA H2O Program; all of which have contributed resources generously

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