Project Funding

The Nova Scotia Salmon Association works with many partners to help create productive aquatic habitats in Nova Scotia. 

Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

In March 2010, the NSSA entered into a transformative partnership with the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation as title sponsor of the NSLC Adopt A Stream program. This five year commitment of a minimum $100,000 per year will allow the program to do much more for and with our community group partners to support the restoration of local watersheds.


The NSLC’s ADOPT A STREAM SALE is a partnership between NSLC and its suppliers where all customers can help the environment. Every customer purchase from featured ADOPT A STREAM SALE products results in a contribution ranging from twenty-five cents to two dollars to the NSLC Adopt-A-Stream Program. Participating suppliers include Alexander Keith's, Captian Morgan, Molson, and French Cross,  to name a few.

Nova Scotia Anglers

Since its establishment in 2005, the Nova Scotia Sportfish Habitat Fund (NSSHF) has been the primary source of project funding of the NSLC Adopt A Stream Program.  Having this directed revenue available annually, from the habitat fee on recreational fishing licenses, provides a foundation community groups can build upon to undertake increasingly comprehensive fish habitat restoration in their local watersheds all across the province.

This angler generated revenue is held in the Nova Scotia Sportfish Habitat Fund which is administered by the Sportfish Habitat Fund Committee.  This Committee is chaired by the Inland Fisheries Division of the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and is comprised of members from the recreational angling community.

The funding that the NSSA receives from the Nova Scotia Sportfish Habitat Fund is distributed to community groups for habitat restoration projects which have been approved through the review committee process.

The Organized Recreational Fishing Community

The NSSA is a member of the Inland Fisheries Advisory Committee (IFAC), as are the NS Federation of Anglers and Hunters,  the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF), and the Canadian Association of Smallmouth Anglers (CASA).  It was through discussions at this committee, in late 1997, that the NSSA assumed the lead role in the delivery of the NSLC Adopt A Stream Program on behalf of the member organizations.

Government Agencies

Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture – Inland Fisheries Division is a key supporter of the program.  Its continued annual financial commitment allows the Nova Scotia Salmon Association to provide technical and management oversight of projects funded by the NS Sportfish Habitat Fund thus ensuring all of the revenue from the NS Sportfish Habitat Fund is distributed directly to projects.

The NSLC Adopt A Stream Program strives to ensure high quality habitat restoration work and equitable distribution of resources (both funding and technical assistance) to community groups undertaking fish habitat restoration projects. This is achieved through a multi-agency proposal review process and technical support during the design, layout, and implementation of projects. 

Chaired by the NSSA, the review committees are comprised of representatives from government agencies with regulatory and management responsibilities for fisheries and habitat –

NS Fisheries (Inland Fisheries Division)

NS Environment, and

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (both Habitat and Fisheries Management divisions)

Community Groups

Our key partners are the community groups active in their local watersheds. Currently there are about 30 groups actively participating in habitat restoration and watershed stewardship projects across the province.