Medway River Salmon Association

Medway River Salmon Association

The Medway River Salmon Association, founded in 2007, is a volunteer, not for profit organization, dedicated to the conservation, protection and enhancement of Atlantic salmon, trout and their habitat.  An affiliate of the Atlantic Salmon Federation and the Nova Scotia Salmon Association, MRSA has been active in the Non-Management Advisory Committee (DFO) and the Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee (Inland Fisheries).

In our first three years, much of the Association’s efforts centred around the re-population  of  salmon and trout populations.  Our incubation  box experiment in 2009 was carried out in partnership with NS Adopt-A-Stream Program.  In 2010 we  continued with our stocking/rearing initiatives, however, we will enter the next phase to improve the water quality of the Medway River / Watershed.

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