The WRSH Project after a successful 2017 we are about to start more restoration in 2018 .

After months of work to install and make operational a second powdered limestone doser on the Killag River and with 1.8km of major habitat restroation work on the main river above the Killag road bridge  -- Salmon eggs and alevins are having a productive winter. 

This doser will ensure well buffered pH water and a supply of calcium and magmesium to 50% of excellent Altantic salmon habitat in the WRSH watershed not previously limed and improve the pH stability in another 12% of the habitat on the main river.

This summner work was done on 1.8 km of the main river which was at least twice as wide as it should be, so was just a shallow run not suitable for spawning, or rearing and was a partial barrier to fish passage. The structures are all ready working with redd counts showing 28 Salmon redds on 400m done in 2016 and 19 redds on work completed this September. There are also trout redds in these sections. Flows will continue to work with the strcutures to further improve the habitat quality.

Work will continue this summer on major  habitat restoration on the main river up to the confluence of the Killag.