Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation is a community-based charitable organization with a mandate to address environmental concerns along the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  Coastal Action’s goal is to promote the restoration, enhancement, and conservation of our ecosystem through research, education, and action. 

The organization has been an established member of the Lunenburg County community since its inception in December 1993.  Over the past 20+ years, Coastal Action has successfully completed a vast number of projects within the South Shore region of the province.  One of Coastal Action’s greatest ongoing concerns is healthy watersheds.  

The organization has a great amount of previous experience in successfully conducting several fish habitat related projects in various watersheds within the area.  These projects have included fish habitat and river restoration (i.e., digger logs, rock sills, deflectors, crib walls, etc.), water quality monitoring, as well as habitat monitoring (i.e., redd counts, habitat suitability index surveys, habitat surveys, riparian health assessments, and electrofishing). 

Coastal Action is currently developing several sub-watershed management plans for the LaHave River watershed, as well as one for the Petite Riviere watershed, in addition to a previously completed watershed management plan for the Mushamush River watershed. 

The organization has also been contracted by other angling and watershed groups to help them with the development of these plans – Coastal Action developed a Fish Habitat Restoration Plan for several tributaries within the Medway River system for the Medway River Salmon Association in 2013-14.

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