Cheticamp River Salmon Association

Cheticamp River Salmon Association

The Cheticamp River Salmon Association (CRSA) was created in 1981 with the mandate to enhance the salmon fishing experience on the Cheticamp River and other smaller waterways in the area. Over the years, the Association has undertaken many significant projects, including conducting river surveys in all Cape Breton Highlands National Park rivers. Like many other Atlantic salmon organizations, the primary focus of the Cheticamp River Salmon Association has shifted to that of a more conservation/habitat restoration organization. Currently, the CRSA also makes education and public outreach an important goal, organizing activities such as annual fishing derbies and educational public presentations.


In the early 2000's, the CRSA began focusing its efforts on habitat restoration work, particularly on Aucoin Brook, a tributary of the Cheticamp River that has been affected by a variety of human impacts. All work is done following recommendations, and/or under the guidance and supervision of qualified specialists (DFO originally and now Adopt a Stream specialists). 


The Association's restoration work has evolved over the years, and includes removing blockages, constructing and maintaining instream structures, conducting ecological monitoring, and watershed planning. Examples of recent projects include replacing a set of 4 perched culverts with a wooden trail bridge to improve fish passage on Aucoin Brook (2013), and partnering with Parks Canada to install instream structures to encourage the main channel of the Cheticamp River to narrow and deepen through a number of critically over-widened runs and riffles (2014-2015). The Cheticamp River restoration project received national recognition in 2015, with team members receiving Parks Canada CEO Awards of Excellence.  

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