Eskasoni Fish & Wildlife Commission

Eskasoni Fish & Wildlife Commission

 Eskasoni Fish & Wildlife Commission. Inc. (EFWC) is committed to the protection of the environment and, in particular, the habitat necessary for our aquatic and land based animals to survive and thrive. 

EFWC has been involved in Atlantic salmon conservation projects since the early 1990’s.    EFWC's activities have ranged from stocking up to 7 local brooks with Atlantic salmon and speckled trout, installation of wing deflectors and digger logs, conducting species assessments through electrofishing and dive surveys, monitoring environmental conditions and monitoring local construction and forestry activities for potential impact to fish and fish habitat.

In 2014, EFWC began a series of activities to assess, enhance and restore Qamsipuk and other local rivers for the health of the local fish populations and of Eskasoni First Nation through the protection of food fishery species.  This program has involved monitoring pH and temperature, conducting electrofishing and dive surveys and installing habitat restoration structures (funded by NSLC Adopt-a-Stream, the RFCCP and the Eskasoni First Nation).

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