South West Wrights

South West Wrights


Project Description:

 We are planning on installing armor rock along a section of eroding river bank on the South West branch of Wrights River in Antigonish. We will also be installing two rock sills to facilitate the digging of pools. This section of river has been identified  by our group as a source of sediments in the South West Wrights River, we believe this has lead to a decrease in spawning habitat.


Need for the Project:  What habitat issues will the proposed project address?

The main habitat issue being addressed by this project is stream bank erosion. This section of river flows along agricultural land and this is likely the cause for erosion. The new land owner has fenced his livestock out of the stream and off the river bank. The amount of sediments entering the stream from this erosion source was likely reducing the survival rate of salmon and trout eggs, the erosion also resulted in loss of water depth. 


 South West Wrights


 Wrights River

Map # (:;50:000)


UTM Projection


Start Easting

 57 54 55

Start Northing

 45 37 42.70

End Easting


End Northing


Nearest Community







Describe the watercourse:

Drainage Area

 60 square kilometers

Adjacent Land Use

 Agricultural / Residential

Approx width (m)

 13 meters

Bottom Substrates

 Gravel/ Cobble

Water Quality


Other considerations



Scope of Project work for this watercourse:

 Heavy machinery will haul in armor stone and put it in place. Local contractor has provided estimates and will do the work if approved.

Work by Hand and/or Machinery?


Number and type of structures

 Site one = 80 meters of bank rocking, two 13 meter wide rock sills, two kickers along turn. Site two = 50 meters of bank rocking, two sills and one deflector.

Length of the watercourse under restoration

 130 meters

Habitat area improved

 3250 sq. m




Project Work Plan:

Work is likely to take place during July/ August, weather permitting.


Expected Project Results and Other Benefits:


Total  Area of Habitat Restored

 6500 sq. meters

Fish Passage Linear Gain


Riparian Protection

 250 meters

Trees Planted

 Some trees already planted there by land owner. Will evaluate in spring.

Bank Stabilization

 130 meters of armor rock


 1 deflector, and 4 sills.





Latitude: 45° 39' 55.44" N
Longitude: 62° 5' 2.4" W
Watershed reference: 
Wrights River
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