ACAP Cape Breton

ACAP Cape Breton

The Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) Cape Breton is a non-profit charitable community organization established in 1992. ACAP Cape Breton integrates environmental, social and economic factors into projects focusing on action, ecosystem planning, and education.



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Recent projects

2011 Stewarts Brook Restoration Project Cape Breton Salmon River Road     The Installation of 6 -8 Digger Logs & deflectors on a 250m stretch of Stewarts Brook.  
2012 Mud Lake Brook Digger Log Restoration Project Cape Breton Sydney, NS     The installation of approximately 40 digger logs in Mub Brook Stream.  
Prime Brook Restoration Project            
2013 Dutch Brook Restoration Project Cape Breton Howie Centre, NS 46.06026 -60.25437 The Dutch Brook Restoration Project involved the instillation of four digger logs and three pairs of deflectors. Deflectors keep the water from eroding the stream bank on the digging side of the log, while also promoting pool and thalweg development. Two debris blockages were also removed from the stream. These restoration techniques were aimed to consolidate braids into a single channel, promote the formation of meanders, improve the quality and depth of pool habitat, and enhance the thalweg. 3055
2014 Lorraine Brook and Tributaries In Stream Restoration, Bank Stabilization, and Habitat Conductivity Project Cape Breton Louisbourg, NS     The installation of 12 digger logs and 7 deflectors, the planting of approximately 85 trees, and the remediation of a collapsed rail road bridge by bank sloping, rocking, planting. Also, a section of Wash Brook had sandwand technology employed.  
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